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Skills are abilities that can be used to damage, heal or boost someone’s stats. Each Class have a different set of skills. The main playable character, Lucio, will have all skills unlocked at the start of the game, while other playable characters will have a few skills unlocked. The locked skills can be unlocked by an Awakening Emblem. Skills can be upgraded using skill points (which can be gained upon each level up) up to level 15, and beyond that they have to be upgraded using Skill Books.

Skill Types

There are two types of skills: Active Skills and Passive Skills.

Active Skills

  • Active Skills require Mana to use and must be activated. For a character under the player's control, these skills must be placed on Hotkey and selected for use during combat. There are only six hotkeys available for each character. After using an Active Skill, the skill goes into a downtime period, and cannot be used again until the downtime has expired.

Passive Skills

  • Passive Skills require no Mana to use and are always active. They do not have to be placed on a hotkey.

Skill Level Types

Upon the increase of each 10 levels (only up to level 30), 2 active skills and 2 passive skills will be available to be learnt by the character.

Basic Skills

  • Basic Skills are always available to learn.

Advanced Skills

  • Advanced Skills are available to learn starting at Level 10.

Expert Skill

  • Expert Skills are available to learn starting at Level 20.

Legendary Skills

  • Legendary Skills are available to learn starting at Level 30.

List of Skills

A list of Skills can be found here.