"Let's move to the Sacred Tree Ground located deep inside the Giant Forest and collect a Sacred Tree Leaf for the adulthood ceremony."


At the start of the quest, Ameli joins your party. After the Adulthood Ceremoney has begun, the Chief asks you to collect a Sacred Tree Leaf and bring it to him. You must then exit Carnia through the North exit, which leads to the Giant Forest. Follow that path to the Sacred Tree Ground, but be wary of the level 2 Deep Forest Wolves that lurk around every corner.

Once you have reached the Sacred Tree Ground by following the path, Lucio prepares to tell Ameli how he feels about her. Before he can do so, however, he is interrupped by a dying Orc. Ameli will then ask you to collect 8 Empere Horns and 8 Life Roots.


  • 60 EXP

Main Quest Navigation

Traditional Dress Delivery <<< Sacred Tree Leaf 1 >>> Help the Dying Orc