Priests use holy power to protect and strengthen their party members while damaging or incapacitating enemies. They are healers that are essential for keeping other members of their party alive during fierce battles.

Priest Class Characters

Starting Stats


Abilities - Active Skills

Basic Skills

  • Power of Light - Use the power of light to restore your entire party's HP by a large percentage of your weapon damage plus an additional amount as bonus restoration.
  • Celestial Hammer - Summon a hammer to inflict a percentage of your weapon damage plus additional damage. This skill also brands enemies with the Judgement Emblem. Branded enemies are immobilized and vulnerable to all attacks.

Advanced Skills

  • Imbecility - Inflicts percentage of weapon damage plus additional mental trauma to enemies. Affected enemies also suffer a percentage decrease in their Attack Speed.

Expert Skills

  • Solar Ray- Attack enemies within a wide area; inflict a percentage of your weapon damage plus additional damage with a percentage chance of Confusing them for 12 seconds.

Legendary Skills

  • Holy Ground -Protect your party perfectly from all attacks for a set duration.
  • Oblivion -Numb surrounding enemies' skills for a set duration.

Abilities - Passive Skills

Basic Skills

  • Light Affinity - Decreases the hostility of all enemies while increasing the efficiency of healing spells by a small percentage.
  • Holy Arrow - While equipped with a Wand or a Staff, replace normal attacks with Holy Arrow attacks that inflict at least 100% of normal damage.

Advanced Skills

Expert Skills

Legendary Skills

  • Guardian Angel's Blessing - When you are attacked, create a 10% chance of summoning a shield that decreases damage by a percentage for 6 seconds when you are attacked. The Hostility of all enemies around you is reduced while this special shield is in effect.

Helmet Classes

  • Hat

Armor Classes

  • Cloth
  • Light Shield

Weapon Classes

  • Wand
  • Staff
  • Bludgeon
  • Crossbow
  • Dagger