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Lydia is a mysterious girl who appears in strange dreams and visions that Lucio experiences. Lucio and Kuntu meet her in person in the chapel of Crene Cemetery. She rarely speaks.

Physical appearance

Lydia is a young child with short lime green hair and grey eyes and wears a white robe with a green trim and sliver sandals.


Lydia is shown to be very shy, constantly running away when Lucio and Kuntu first meet her. Also, she rarely ever speaks, only either to make remarks or to state her name. She seems to dislike other people introducing her, interrupting others to introduce herself.

She is shown to be jealous of Ameli, Lucio's love interest, as Lucio is the reincarnation of Laciel, who had been Lydia's lover; likewise, Ameli is Lydia's reincarnation.


With Laciel

Lydia appears to not only appear in, but be integrally tied to and possibly responsible for, the dreams or visions that Lucio occasionally experiences during which he is an older warrior whose village has been destroyed and sister mind-twisted and then murdered by dark elves.

With Lucio

Lucio and Kuntu meet Lydia in real time in the chapel of Crene Cemetary while collecting Ghost Claws in order to create a scroll which will break the seal to the Den of Demons, allowing them passage to the village of Dione, where they hope to find a cure to Ameli's petrification.

Lydia initially is unnamed and runs away from encounters with Lucio and Kuntu, appearing terrified of Lucio's curiosity about her. She eventually joins the party as an unnamed, but a usable and customisable, priest character after Lucio and Kuntu defeat the Ghost in the bottom floor of the chapel.

Lucio and Kuntu try to leave Lydia with Colon in the town of Crene, but when Colon tries to get close to Lydia, she hides behind Lucio and Colon suggests that she would rather stay with Lucio. It is at this point that Lucio remembers that he has not asked her name and she replies to his query 'Lydia'.

On the final battle, she is revealed to be Lucio's sword sheath in his past life, that is, Laciel. She seems to bear romantic feelings on Lucio and so, to save him permanently and the world, she sacrifices herself by destroying the God of Darkness together with her soul.

After the God of Darkness

After Lucio defeats the Super Hero and the rest of the Gods on Mt. Olympus, Elinia thanks him for his valiant deeds by telling him to go the the Sacred Tree Ground where he finds Lydia who has apparently resurrected, or survived the battle with the God of Darkness. She is then a fully playable character.

Powers and Abilities

  • Class: Priest
    • As a Priest, Lydia has innate healing, protection, and empowering abilities.
  • Class: Arch Mage (against Ameli only)
    • She has mage skills, but can only cast Magic Arrow.
  • Laciel's Sword Sheath
    • Because she is Laciel's Sword Sheath, she can summon Laciel's Sword, the last sought-after piece to revive the God of Darkness, as well as the tool to destroy him.
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