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Lucio, also known as the Successor of Light, is the main protagonist of the game whose destiny is to save the world. He can be any type of class you want him to be. Lucio also has a crush on Ameli.


Lucio has light blonde hair and light blue eyes. He is seen wearing gold and blue pendant under a brown and red fur-lined vest over a white tunic, a belt wrapped around his waist, dark pants and knee high blue boots. His expression differs based on how he is interacting with other characters and situations in the world of Carnia.


Lucio starts the game by preparing for his adulthood ceremony. After the adulthood ceremony takes place in the centre of town with his friend and love interest Ameli also taking part, Lucio and Ameli are sent to retrieve leaves from the Sacred Tree in the Sacred Tree Ground.

When they arrive, they find an injured orc from the Frost Wind Tribe. Ameli tells Lucio to bring materials which will help her heal the orc. Once the orc is healed, a man named Kane and a few of his minions come to the Sacred Tree Ground. The orc gives Lucio a pair of gauntlets and tell them to hide behind the tree. The orc doesn't go down without a fight, fighting Kane and his minions to the death.

After the orc is killed, Lucio and Ameli journey to the lands of the Frost Wind Tribe and the travelers are sent to seek the wisdom of the Wind Spirit King. It is at this point that Lucio's destiny is revealed.