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This Long Sword will be acquired during the first part of the game's storyline. It is level 40 at that point.

It is very much the stuff of legend, but is pretty poor, as some level 37 items have more than double its attack stat. 

However a much stronger version can be found by fighting higher level bosses, typically around levels 100 or above.

For the Level 40 version, it will only appear if Lucio is a Barbarian, Templar or Rogue. Laciel’s Magic Sword (a wand, a red-coloured version of the original sword) will replace it instead if Lucio is a Priest or Arch Mage. Laciel’s Bow (a bow glowing like the original version) will replace it if Lucio is a Shadow Hunter.


Level 40 Version

  • Lvl: 40
  • Type: Long Sword
  • Damage: 32-46
  • Atk Spd: Normal

Strength Bonus
Dexterity Bonus
Vitality Bonus
Physical Damage Bonus
Magical Resistance Bonus

Post Game Version

  • Lvl: 100
  • Type: Long Sword
  • Damage: 71-101
  • Atk Spd: Normal

Strength Bonus: 9-13
Dexterity Bonus: 8-13
Vitality Bonus: 11-13
Physical Damage Bonus: 2.9% - 4.2%
Magical Resistance Bonus: 2.4% - 3.2%

In Plot

This is the Sword of Light that belonged to Laciel, and can be summoned by both Lydia and Ameli. Lucio uses it to defeat the God of Darkness; however, the second Sword of Light summoned by Ameli creates an imbalance of light and darkness in the world.


  • During the first part of the game, upon acquiring Laciel's Sword, the player cannot unequip it from Lucio.
  • However, once you have beaten the God of Darkness, (the game, technically) you will unequip the Sword of Laciel immediately and get a REAL WEAPON!