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Laciel Artwork

Laciel is the first playable character in the game, as part of Lucio's dream. He was known as “???” to the player at the start of the game. In the dream, Laciel is trying to find his sister Irene. As he is part of a dream sequence, his level starts at 40 and he cannot equip/unequip items. In the end, Laciel will fight the Devil and after slaying the demon, Juder forced him to fight with his sister Irene who turned evil and almost died but his life was saved by a mysterious girl named Lydia, and Lucio snaps out of the dream.

For most of the game, Laciel is a mystery, and Lucio only has Laciel's Gauntlets. It is revealed later on, however, that Lucio is in fact Laciel's reincarnation. Lydia, who was Laciel's Sword Sheath, somehow survived to the present day despite having a reincarnation of her own in Ameli.

Laciel in the Dream Stage

In the dream sequence at the Crene Cemetery, he is looking for his sister and it turns out she has been dead but her ring was left behind. Enraged and angry, he begs Lydia to leave him alone and swore revenge at the dark elves for the loss of his sister.

During the dream sequence when Lucio fell unconscious after the petrification curse of Ameli was lifted, he fights against a dark elf scout and asked him who was his commander. The scout refused to tell him and Laciel finished him off. He finally encountered Juder and tells Laciel that he killed his sister and Laciel said that he didn't.

At the flashback at the Sacred Tree Grounds, he begs Lydia not to cry for him and tells her that he was the happiest when he was with her.


Laciel has the same hair color and eye color as Lucio but he has longer hair and is much older. He wears plate armor with a black cloak.