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Juan is a character met in the storyline after freeing Ameli from her petrification.


Shadow Hunter


Juan is the order of a " righteous thief group" based in West Crene and The Land of Twilight. His hideout pouzeprovides a pivotal location in the game as a base for the party.

He captures Lucio and Ameli after splitting up with Candace and joining up with Ada, due to their seemingly unbelivable story of Lucio being the Successor of light. He joins up with Lucio and Ada to break into the Dwarven Mines to fight the Darkness Order, while leaving Ameli behind to prevent them from trying to escape.He then lets them go after fighting Ceres and realising that Lucio's story as the Successor of Light is true, with Candace backing up his story.

He then uses one of his hideouts as the rebel base against the Darkness Order to plan where to get Laciel's Artefacts to destroy the Darkness Order.

He is playable later in the game when he accompanies Candace and Ada in reclaiming De Lauren Castle


Juan has grey hair styled into dreadlocks and wears leather armor.


Juan is shown to be brash and hot tempered demeanor but he has a good-hearted nature. He is loyal to Candace and is willing to protect with his arrows.