The interface for the Dice and Dice of Chaos.


Dice are items used to randomize party member stats, usually in order to achieve a more favorable distribution. One roll of the dice uses one dice item. When used, the dice will bring up the randomizing interface screen. Press the 'Randomize' button to begin and it will then show you randomized stats for the characters in your party. Switch between party members by pressing the character icons at the top in order to see each characters randomized stats. Each roll can only be used on one party member, so be sure to carefully compare each member's previous stats with the new random stats, before choosing whether to keep them or not.



The regular dice will randomise all of your stats with no favour between high or low. Randomises stats.

Dice of Chaos

The Dice of Chaos will randomise all of your stats, but will favour higher stats. It has a higher chance of giving you high stats.