"You and Ameli have decicded to deliver the gauntlets to the Frost Wind Tribe Elder. The Frost Wind Village is past the Frost Wind Cave at East Carnia."


After you leave the Chief's house, Charmer Shuiga will come out too and give Ameli an Awakening Emblem. You can use this on her to unlock the Celestial Hammer skill. This skill makes a powerful hammer stike land on your enemy when used.

Head East (right) out of Carnia and begin to advance down the path. You will be confronted by two of Kane's Agents, who will ask you what you are doing and want to search you. You run and they chase you to a crossroad, where a mysterious magician named 'Elinia' helps you to escape. The magician then runs away, and you are left wondering who he was.

You must then head north to find Hunter Vasily outside the cave entrance. Talk to Vasily to obtain the quest 'Vasily's Help 1'. You cannot pass through the cave without the special item Vasily pormises you, or you will take damage from the cold.


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