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Ameli is the main female protagonist of the game, and is seen as Lucio's initial romantic interest.


Ameli is a young lady with long loose pink hair with two braids and grey eyes. She is dressed in a cute pink and green dress. The most pretty looking character in the game.


Ameli is brave, pure hearted, kind, and a loving character of the game. Cares for others in the game like Lucio, Kuntu, Lydia and her friends.


Ameli grew up with Lucio as childhood friends in the village of Islet. During their completion of the adulthood ceremony, a rite of passage, Ameli and Lucio encounter a wounded orc. Ameli is kind-hearted and insists on healing the wounded orc, who then entreats them to protect a pair of gauntlets he has been carrying from the mercenaries who have injured him. However, upon realizing that his pursuers are still on his trail, he orders the two to hide behind the Spirit Tree and takes on the pursuers alone. After witnessing the murder of the orc, Ameli offers to carry the gauntlets to the Frost Wind Tribe that the orc belonged to, as this was his dying wish.

After journeying to the Frost Wind Tribe and discovering Lucio's destiny to be the person who saves the world, Ameli and Lucio, joined by an orc companion Kuntu, head back to Islet with the gauntlets after the Frost Wind Tribe are attacked again by mercenaries after the gloves. Ameli and Lucio find that the mercenaries have followed them to Islet and that the village is no longer safe.

Escaping Islet

Hunter Vasily helps Ameli and Lucio enter a cave to meet Ameli's mentor, Charmer Shuiga, who will help them to escape from the village. Ameli tries to defend Charmer Shuiga, but is prevented by Charmer Shuiga's spells and she and Lucio hear Charmer Shuiga's murder.

After exiting the cave system, Ameli and Lucio encounter Kilgern, one of Kane's men. When they defeat him, he rejuvenates himself through a spell, and nearly kills Lucio. However, as a Charmer and Priest, Ameli heals Lucio, angering Kilgern. As he is about to kill Ameli, Kuntu reappears and strikes him. Ameli begs Kuntu to spare the mercenary's life as he appears to be unconscious and no longer a threat to them. Just as Kuntu agrees to spare the mercenary's life, Kilgern casts a petrification spell and Ameli is turned to stone. Outraged, Kuntu kills Kilgern, and Lucio takes Ameli's pendant.

Revived Ameli

When Lucio, Candace, and Lydia go to un-petrify Ameli, the spell that was given to them fails. However, through Lydia's spell, they are saved, although both Lucio and Lydia fall unconscious, forcing Candace to carry all three of them.

Upon awakening, Lucio finds Ameli at the cliff, watching their town burn down, much to his horror.

Powers and Abilities

Class: Priest

As a Priest, Ameli has innate healing, protection, and empowerment abilities.

Active Skills

  • Prayer of Light
  • Celestial Hammer
  • True Vision
  • Solar Ray
  • Holy Ground

Passive Skills

  • Light Affinity
  • Holy Arrow
  • Meditation
  • Protection of Light
  • Benedication of Light

Unlockable Skills through Awakening Seal

  • Imbecility (Active)
  • Darkness Blade (Active)
  • Oblivion (Active)
  • Reinforce Mana (Passive)
  • Fury of Light (Passive)
  • Guardian Angel's Blessing (Passive)

Lucio's Sword Sheath (The Second Sword Sheath)

Because she is Lydia's reincarnation, Ameli is able to pull out another Sword of Light, akin to Lydia's, which she uses when the God of Darkness manages to obtain the first sword. However, the price for having two Swords of Light at once is that after the God of Darkness is defeated, the balance between good and evil is disturbed.